King Since They Both Moved To The Town In The Mid-1990s.

A playbill for the African Company production of “Tom & Jerry; Or, Life in London.” Lost scripts, vague details and a theater’s sudden end — this is essentially a ghost tale. Even though the African Theater grew so popular that white audiences began attending as well, Brown faced an uphill battle for the company’s entire existence. When he dared to go toe-to-toe with a nearby white theater, each presenting rival Shakespeare productions, he was harassed by police and his theater was raided. His performers were attacked. He changed the theater’s name and moved it several times, opening and closing and reopening until the financial well ran dry. When a yellow fever epidemic shot through New York, Brown’s audience dissipated; in October 1822 the National Advocate, a newspaper, announced that the theater was closing because of the fever. Hewlett, the company’s principal performer, left a few months later. What happened to Brown, and when exactly the theater shut down for good, are both unclear. The last known playbill for an African Theater production was dated June 1823. The story of Brown and the African Theater is too often forgotten in the larger history of American theater. Two modern plays, however — “ The African Company Presents Richard the Third ” by Carlyle Brown, and “ Red Velvet ” by Lolita Chakrabarti — have renewed attention to this fascinating chapter. Part of the reason the moment is overlooked is that Brown’s theater feels so isolated from the rest of Black theater history, according to Harvey Young, a theater scholar and the dean of Boston University’s College of Fine Arts. Ira Aldridge, a pioneering Black Shakespearean actor (shown here in “Titus Andronicus”), got his start at the African Theater.Credit...Library of Congress “[With] Du Bois or Langston Hughes or Lorraine Hansberry, you can immediately see the baton not only passing but multiplying, and then impacting generations upon generations of people,” Young said in an interview. “It’s harder to trace the influence of William visit the website Brown.” Fortunately theater is a spectator sport, so a moment on the stage, though fleeting, will survive for as long as a single audience member can recall it. And Brown had a sizable audience — around 300 to 400 people, scholars estimate — that could remember what his troupe brought to the stage. “It shows this kind of persistence of memory in the culture,” said Heather S. Nathans, a theater professor at Tufts University. “Even though the theater itself doesn’t last, it definitely lingers in the memory of the city, in the memory of the Black spectators, in the memory of the white spectators who either applauded it or who opposed it.” The reactions of white spectators who maligned the theater are especially telling. [Water Consumption]

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Olivia King was a regular parishioner at Catholic Church of the Incarnation in Collierville, Tenn., attending a service there on Thursday morning only hours before she was killed in a mass shooting at a Kroger grocery store . “Everyone needs to be more like Olivia,” said Maureen Fraser, the vice mayor of Collierville, who had been friends with Ms. King since they both moved to the town in the mid-1990s. “Kind, generous, caring, selfless.” Ms. Fraser said that one Christmas season, Ms. King gave her family an envelope filled with money, knowing that Ms. Fraser’s husband was out of a job. Ms. King’s husband died in 2005, Ms. Fraser said, and she had lived with one of her three sons and his children before they recently moved to Ohio. “I cannot believe I am typing this,” that son, Wes King, wrote on Facebook on Thursday as he shared that the gunman had shot his mother in the chest. Emergency responders attempted to use CPR on her to no avail, Mr. King wrote, and she died shortly after arriving at a hospital. “I apologize for the graphic details, but this type of crime needs to stop being glossed over and sanitized,” her son wrote. “No one deserves this.” Ms. King’s smile will never be forgotten, a neighbor, Aahil Shermohammed, said. “She was always checking up on me for no reason,” he said, “and it was always nice when you’re having a bad day to have someone like that smile at you.”

— Natalie Duddridge (@NatDuddridgeTV) September 24, 2021 Harry and Meghan met with 2nd graders at PS 123 on West 141st Street. Harry sat with the kids while Meghan read from her book, “The Bench.” “I wrote this book originally as a poem for my husband when we just had our little boy,” Markle told the class. “I haven’t ever read it to any other kids besides our own kids. So I’m really excited now I get to read it to you.” Prince Harry sits with students as Meghan Markle reads from her book, ‘The Bench.’ She said it’s the first time she’s read the book to a group of kids other than her own two children, Archie & Lillibet (who was born in June) @CBSNewYork — Natalie Duddridge (@NatDuddridgeTV) September 24, 2021 The couple joined New York City Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter to highlight the Community Schools Initiative, which ensures children are emotionally and socially equipped to learn. — Natalie Duddridge (@NatDuddridgeTV) September 24, 2021 It was the couple’s first major public appearance since the birth of their daughter, Lillibet, in June. Their son, Archie, is now 2 years old. The kids stayed behind in California as Harry and Meghan attended meetings at the United Nations to discuss vaccine equity. On Thursday, they toured the World Trade Center site, 9/11 Memorial and observatory with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Kathy Hochul . The main focus of their visit is to attend Global Citizen, a charity music festival, Saturday in Central Park.